BP Claims Accountants

Get Help from BP Claims Accountants

A lot of BP Claims Accountants are helping people file and process claims for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. A total of $7.8 billion are allotted to compensate claimants on Economic and Property Damages and Medical Benefits claims.

For those who are not knowledgeable on the incident, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is the largest accidental oil spill in history. A BP-operated Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico exploded on April 20, 2010 due to high pressured methane gas that went through the rig. The incident resulted to the death of 11 crew members. The oil spill went a long for 5 months, and was only put to end on September 19, 2010. It resulted to a huge environmental damage on thousands of marine species, and about hundreds of people (and rising) who were exposed to the oil spill and BP’s cleaning agent have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

Types of BP Settlements that BP Claims Accountants Process

The first type of BP settlement is the Economic and Properties Damages settlement, which gives BP claims to property damages and economic loss due to the Oil Spill. The settlement entered final approval on December 21, 2012, and the deadline for filing for claims is on April 22, 2014. Business owners can file for BP claims if they fall under coastal real property damage, real property sales damage, business economic loss, wetlands real property damage, vessels physical damage, and seafood business damage. The affected Businesses should be residing in areas that include Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas to be qualified for BP claims.

Second settlement is the Medical Benefits settlement, which involves BP claims for medical conditions and health risks that were suffered by the clean-up workers and other individuals who are living along the Gulf Coast since the oil spill and clean-up operation. This type of settlement has been approved on January 11, 2013. Due to the chemical exposure, the covered individuals have incurred acute and chronic medical conditions. The settlement also provides outreach programs and medical examinations to claimants. The deadline for filing claims for medical benefits is to be determined, but news says that it is sure that the deadline would fall a year after the final approval of the settlement.

How can BP Claims Accountants help you?

The processing for claims need documentation and computation. The settlement has 4,000 pages of documentation and over 700+ possible computations for claims. Because of this, you can go to a company that provides BP claims accountants who can compute your claim for the damages incurred due to the BP incident.

BP claims accountants ensure that filing of BP claims will be handled properly with zero errors. The process will be done in a professional and ethical manner. These professional accountants have already filed thousands of successful claims. Since there are individuals and businesses that are not fully informed on the effects of the BP oil spill, they think that they are not affected by the incident. By hiring a BP claims consultant, you will be able to determine if you are qualified to file a claim. Once you have determined that you are a victim of the great oil spill, you should have a BP claims accountant who can help you. Do not let this disaster hurt you more than it already did, go for the right professional assistance and contact them right now!